Monthly Archives: February 2007

Yesterday, My Troubles Were Not Far Away

I don’t think my troubles are here to stay, either. I was down a little more than 3.3%, better than the S&P 500, but not by much. So what whacked me? Generally, cyclical companies: Cemex, Conoco, Barclays, Sappi, Jones Apparel, Sanamento [SBS], Lafarge, Magna International, Lyondell, Deerfield Triarc, Patterson-UTI Energy, Japan Smaller Capitalization Fund, and […]

In Large, Red, Friendly Letters, It Reads “Don’t Panic!”

With the long bond, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, and option implied volatility rising today, there is a panicky feel to the markets. Though this could be the start of a “big, bad event,” the odds are that it will not be so bad. One signal of panic that I see is that the VIX is […]