Up On A Down Day

Up about 1/4% today, against a lousy market. Giving extra help today were Valero Energy (though I sold a little), Helmerich & Payne, and ConocoPhillips. Hurting the cause were Royal Bank of Scotland and Lithia Automotive.

Is the recent panic over? Yes and no. No, because you can never tell what additional macroeconomic problems will crop up. Yes because CDOs [Collateralized Debt Obligations] are still getting funded. I have a saying that bubbles only pop when cash flow is insufficient to finance them. Well, the riskiest part of the debt markets, CDO equity, still has willing participants. That indicates that it is not bubble-pop time yet, and that has positive implications for the junk debt and equity markets. Party on!

Industry models tomorrow.

Full Disclosure: Long HP VLO COP RBSPF LAD