Not That Amazing Of A Day

Today the broad market fund was up about 75 basis points, which isn’t that amazing. Leading the parade were Cemex, Fresh Del Monte (that has been on a tear), SABESP, and Lyondell Chemical. Bringing up the rear were… wait, none of my stocks were down more than a percent yesterday. That’s a pretty broad based rally.

In general, the markets feel like the majority of players are concluding that they don’t have to worry about systemic risk for the nonce. Swap spreads, bond spreads, implied volatility, and other variables show a continued willingness to take risk. I wouldn’t want to say that I like being a short term bull; there are many worries in the present environment. But at present, the willingness to take risk and finance risk taking persists. That may change, but until then, the bull market continues. I will combat risk through my ordinary risk control mechanisms, as described in my eight rules.

I’m going to have to defer on my industry models for one more day because of time constraints.  Apologies.

Full disclosure: Long CX FDP SBS LYO