Second to Last Step

Here’s the file for my progress on the portfolio change so far. Because of the data license that I have from Bloomberg, no numeric data fields from Bloomberg are listed here; only fields that I have calculated.

The grand rank is a weighted average of the ranks of the other variables, where a low number indicates desirability. Rsi Px 52week rank is a measure of price level. 0 means a 52-week low, and 100 means a 52-week high. NOA is net operating accruals; 0 means a low level of accruals on the balance sheet. 100 means there are a lot of accruals on the balance sheet.

Rsi Px 52week rank, NOA, Price-to-Sales, and Price-to-Book get a double weight. Everything else gets a single weight. I vary the weights each period based on what concerns me. When I am more bearish, I overweight the things that I am overweighting now.

Tomorrow I should have my portfolio changes. I choose 2-4 companies in the top half of my portfolio to replace 2-4 companies in the bottom half. Why do I do it this way? It forces me to make trade-offs, tossing out appreciated positions, and adding in promising names.