Monthly Archives: April 2007

Twelve Unusual Items Affecting the Markets Now

1) The TED [Treasury-Eurodollar] spread, which is a measure of market confidence, is up dramatically over the past two months, from 18 basis points to 52 at present. That indicates decreased confidence in the banking system, though swap spreads have not widened to confirm that judgment. 2) The Indian Rupee has rallied almost 10% against […]

Insurance Earnings So Far 1Q07 — IV

I estimate that we are almost halfway through insurance earnings season now, so here are the broad trends from the various insurance subindustries: Primary Commercial What a hot subindustry.  Beating the estimates were CNA, James River, Ohio Casualty, American Financial Group, American Safety, Navigators Group, and Hanover Group. All but Ohio Casualty and CNA increased […]

Blog Enhancements

I have added a few features to the blog for syndication purposes.  You can now get my RSS feed via e-mail through Feedblitz.  You can also get the RSS feed through MultiRSS, which handles all popular RSS feed readers/aggregators. I have also added new methods to help me understand what aspects of the website get […]

The Great Garbage Post

Perhaps for blogging, I should not do this. My editors at RealMoney told me that they liked my “Notes and Comments” posts in the Columnist Conversation, but they wished that I could give it a greater title. Titles are meant to give a common theme. Often with my “Miscellaneous Notes” posts, there is no common […]

Insurance Earnings So Far 1Q07 — II

Updating yesterday, here we go again: Brokers Willis beats, with stronger revenues as well.  Probably goes up tomorrow.  Brooke Corporation beats, but who can really tell, their press release reveals few details.  Personally, I believe every company that reports earnings should provide an income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows at minimum.  I […]

International Diversification

The Wall Street Journal had two bits on international diversification: a poll, and an article. Both were good as far as they went, but the past outperformance of international over domestic stocks doesn’t help us analyze which will be better in the future. That macro question is hard, particularly because once a streak gets long, […]