Blog Enhancements

I have added a few features to the blog for syndication purposes.  You can now get my RSS feed via e-mail through Feedblitz.  You can also get the RSS feed through MultiRSS, which handles all popular RSS feed readers/aggregators.


I have also added new methods to help me understand what aspects of the website get the most use, so I can understand what people like to read and what is less interesting.  Eventually, I will add some advertising to my blog to help defray the cost, and enable me to have some compensation for providing content.  Not that I plan on blogging full time, but if I were writing a newsletter, having a blog that throws off a reasonable amount of revenue would help make ends meet as I build my business.


Again, suggestions are most welcome in terms of format, design, article topics, etc.  I enjoy it when people comment on my blog, so please feel free to do so.