Away for the Next Week

2007 is the transition year at the Merkel household.  Our two oldest children go off to college in the fall, and our youngest starts home schooling at the same time.  As such, this is the last time that we can rely on that we will be able to take all of our children on a trip.  In the late summer of 2006, we went to visit my wife’s parents in San Diego; next week, we visit my parents in Milwaukee.


Now, I have no idea what internet access I might have while there.  If I have good access, I will post in the late evenings.  If not, well, you’ll hear from me next on the 29th.  With that, I sign off.  I have a lot of other things to write about, but little time to do so.  Traveling with eight children is quite a feat, and it will take a lot of my energy to accomplish that.