Blog Plans for the Week Ahead

This week I plan on the following pieces:

  • One summarizing current speculative activity in the markets.
  • One summarizing housing activity, or lack thereof.
  • Probably one on the Fed Model. The math work is done; the graphs are made, and half of the writing is currently complete.
  • Possibly one on academic finance issues I have run across, and one on odds and ends in the markets.

Beyond that, I rewrote my bio to put it all in the first person, and I am planning on filling out my books section with mini book reviews, and more books.

What I am debating about, and where you can help me decide, is whether I should do another series on insurance earnings when the earnings start for the second quarter, which should not be until next week (the week of the 15th). Are the summaries valuable? They take time, and it helps me firm up views for the various subindustries in insurance, but if there isn’t a lot of demand for it, I enjoy writing about other issues more. Let me know via e-mail, or by commenting on this post. Thanks.