Blog Notes

Personal news before I start for this evening. My new computer arrived today, I got set up for my Bloomberg trial (I feel smarter already; I can do wonders with a Bloomberg Terminal), and I got my first bona fide offer for advertising on my blog. My problem — what do I charge, and do I need to redesign my site to create more real estate on the screen? Programming isn’t my problem there per se; HTML isn’t rocket science, and I have hacked my way though probably two dozen programming languages in my years as an actuary.

The greater question is what I want my blog to look like for readers; getting a little cash flow is nice, but if it turns off the readers, that’s a minus. Any advice that you all can offer me is appreciated, particularly any counsel from bloggers accepting advertising at present.

Beyond that, I have plans to add a book review section, and I have a number of article ideas, many generously suggested by readers. I will begin writing more longer-dated stuff as the panic subsides, but I don’t see that happening for a few weeks at least.