Throwing the Switch on a New Blog Design

I feel a lot better now.  It took more effort than I expected to do the redesign, but now it is done.  Comments are welcome, as well as suggestions.  Would a calendar be useful, etc?  I did not expect that I would have to learn some PHP and CSS, but it proved useful to do so.  Almost makes me want to tell stories about programming exploits in my early career, but I think I would bore most of you silly.

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding some subdued advertising, and setting up an Amazon Store, with (initially) short reviews of investment books from which I have benefited.  If you want to buy the books, I appreciate it, but my service here will be to give you enough knowledge of what the book is about, that you can figure out whether it would really be of value to you or not.

On a different note, much of next week will be devoted to finishing my slides/talk that I will be giving to the Investment Section of the Society of Actuaries at the Annual Meeting on October 15th.  I’ll post the slides here when I’m done, and you all can have a look at them.  My talk is on the Global Macroeconomy.  Small topic, huh?  I offered others, but that was the one that they most wanted, and would be the most challenging for me.  Good thing that the markets have gotten so interesting — when they asked me to speak back in April, things were much quieter.

Again, I thank you for reading my blog, and particularly for those who register and comment.  You make the blog and my life richer.