Book Review: Navigating the Financial Blogosphere

Russell Bailyn is a Wealth manager who wrote a basic book on finances, but gave it a twist to emphasize what resources were available on the web, and at financial blogs specifically. He covers a wide number of areas in a basic way, sometimes giving answers where “one size fits all,” or almost all, and sometimes explaining to readers what the right questions are when answers are situation-dependent.

Some of the areas he covers are:

  • Banking, budgeting and credit.
  • Financial planning and tax-deferred savings/investment
  • Investment types
  • Life insurance and annuities
  • Retirement and portfolio management

The book isn’t long at 220 pages, so as you might imagine, this book is wide, but not deep. I would recommend this book for people who are getting started in managing their finances, and want to take a more active hand there. Alternatively, it could benefit those who want to hire a financial planner, because they would better learn how to choose a planner, and better evaluate the advice that their planner gives them.

Because I am aware of most of the areas in the book, this is a book that I skimmed. That said, as I looked at critical ideas in the book, I found that I largely agreed with his ideas. As a trivia note, Alephblog and I get featured on page 177, in the chapter on portfolio management. If I had to featured in any chapter, I’m glad it was that one, because managing risk through proper portfolio management is near and dear to my heart.