Video on the Federal Reserve

While in NYC, I did two videos on the Federal Reserve for  Here is the first of them.  The second one should be published soon.  Please pardon my inability as I express myself, but it’s a fair picture of what I look like, sound like, and how I think (or not) on my feet.

I got to see what a day at is like, from the video facilities, to how coverage changes as news breaks (Merrill Lynch being the example du jour).  I got to meet several people face-to-face who I had never met before: James Altucher, Kristin Bentz (indeed fair-haired and ingenious), George Moriarty, Gregg Greenberg, Simon Constable, Farnoosh Torabi (of course), Mark DeCambre, and many other members of the staff.  Especially fun was lunch with my editor Gretchen Lembach.  I saw a few others that I knew (including James Cramer, who was in a good mood, but busy, as you can imagine.  I don’t think he recognized me.), but they were busy.  It’s a low key, fun, and connected kind of place; I’ve never seen as many monitors showing CNBC in one place, aside from some of the bulge bracket trading floors.

After my time at The, I had an interview with a major insurance company in NYC.  Hopefully something will come of that, even if it is only a consulting relationship.  One impressive thing about the company that I visited: the offices of the senior management were the most modest that I have seen in the industry.  In any business, that’s a good sign; it shows that they are concerned about the shareholders.

It is also possible that my relationship with will expand as well.  I’ll be putting together a proposal for them, and we will see where it goes.  Oh, one more thing; if anyone reading this is short TSCM, do yourself a favor and cover.

Tickers mentioned: TSCM


  • amccabe says:

    That was an informative video, and I thought you did a fine job. Congratulations! It let me feel a little proud, too, because I was at the company that now provides TSCM’s video service (Brightcove) when it was a very early stage startup. Glad I could do my small part to deliver you to the world.

    Best of luck with the job interview and the TSCM proposal.

  • Ray says:

    Wow “All the way from Maryland” You should give Farnoosh a map, we aren’t that far away! A simple and relaxing 2 hour and 30 minute train ride. Otherwise, very well done, esp your comments about the dollar:loonie spread

  • PaulinKansasCity says:

    Congrats on (internet) TV time. Next stop CNBC!!

  • AllanF says:

    Nice suit. :-) Seriously though I liked it a lot. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were an engineer. An engineer myself, I have to say I liked the careful speaking style and thinking mannerisms.

    One thing you didn’t touch on is what if you’re wrong and they cut another 50 basis points? What happens then? In Sept the markets went gonzo over that one as shorts were covering like mad. Would they do the same? Or are they hedged for it. Might the market be readying for a sell the news reaction? Especially if it is a 25 bp cut? That said, I reckon this is more short-term market-timing than is your style.

    Regardless of Wednesday, I think long-term you’re right: they keep cutting until their preferred indicators start showing inflation.

  • Paul in Kansas City says:

    Actually David I think you sounded more like one of my graduate school economics professors!