Monthly Archives: November 2007

Notes on Fed Policy and Short-term Credit

I just did my usual review of my FOMC indicators.  The FOMC should cut 25 basis points at the December 11th meeting.  Whatever the formal “bias” is, the verbiage will be a little of this and the a little of that, something like:  “Yes, we are worried about the solvency of some financial institutions.  That’s […]

Ten Chosen Items from the Current Market Troubles

Superstition is alive and well.  Google at $666?  Personally, I think it is all hooey.  There has always been a morbid fascination about the Antichrist in Western Culture.  Would that they had more concern about Christ. Longtime readers know I am no fan of FAS 157 or FAS 159.  From the Accounting Onion, here is […]

Musings on the Fed and Yesterday’s Article

From Tuesday’s Columnist Conversation over at David Merkel Thinking About the Fed 11/20/2007 1:51 PM EST One of my maxims of the Fed is that it is better to watch what they do, and pay less attention to what they say. The markets are saying that they expect Fed funds at 3% sometime in […]

Seven Observations From Barron’s

Kinda weird, and it makes you wonder, but on the WSJ main page, I could not find a link to Barron’s. I know I’ve seen a link to Barron’s in the past there; I have used it, which is why I noticed its absence today. I found it amusing that the mutual fund that Barron’s […]