What I am Thankful for

With all of my family and guests gone or asleep after a big Thanksgiving Day at my house (17 people), I reflect on what I am thankful for.


  • My relationship with my God, Jesus Christ.
  • My wife of 21 years (today).  What a good woman, and what a help she has been to me.  Among many other things, she helps me focus on what is truly important in our short mortal lives.  At the church that I met her at, she was regarded as the “prize” of all the young women there.  I can tell you that their opinions were right.
  • My eight children.  Some do better, some do worse, but in aggregate, they are all doing well.
  • My congregation; good friends all, and they are a real support.
  • My friends, including the readers of my blog.  We all need friends.


Now for the broader stuff:


  • Though our civil liberties have been degraded by the misguided “War on Terror,” we still have significant liberties in the personal, political, religious and economic spheres.
  • Our economy still prospers, even amid bad monetary and fiscal policy.
  • Development in the developing world is screaming ahead.  As (classical) liberal economic economic policies are embraced across the globe, poverty is being reduced globally, which is something dear to me.
  • I haven’t made a lot on investments this year, but I’m still doing adequately.
  • I have several possibilities for how I will work as I labor to support my family.  (Perhaps an announcement coming soon…)
  • I’m grateful that my views of the Fed, residential real estate, and the debt markets have largely proven correct.
  • I’m even grateful for my losses; they keep me humble, and teach me a lot about investing.


That’s what I am thankful for; I hope you have it as good, or better, than me.