Monthly Archives: December 2007

Depression, Stagflation, and Confusion

I’m not sure what to title this piece as I begin writing, because my views are a little fuzzy, and by writing about them, I hope to sharpen them.  That’s not true of me most of the time, but it is true of me now. Let’s start with a good article from Dr. Jeff.  It’s […]

Future Blog Posts

Coming in the near term, I should have articles on the following: The economics of Central Banking (can the Fed go broke?) A critique of the Barron’s article on the Ratings Agencies The Fundamentals of Market Bottoms (companion to this RealMoney article, The Fundamentals of Market Tops) Predicting Consumer Price Inflation — What Works Best?  […]

Investment Bank Counterparty Risks are Probably Modest

I’ve seen a number of articles recently about what dangers the investment banks face from counterparty risk.  Counterparty risk is what happens when an investment bank enters into a derivative transaction with another party (the counterparty), and when the investment bank ends up on the winning side of the trade, the counterparty is unable to […]