Post 400

Time to take a moment to reflect on what’s happened over the last hundred posts (as WordPress counts them), together with what has been going on in my life, and what is in store for the future on my blog.  Ten months is a long time in blog terms.  Let’s start with what I have gotten right and wrong.



  • National Atlantic
  • Stock-picking generally
  • Blog programming

In general, my macro commentary has been pretty accurate.  At this juncture, being bearish on the dollar and credit have been winners.  No telling when that will change.  That said, my hand has gone cold in the market since value stocks went cold.  Beating the value index is not enough for me, thank you.  National Atlantic is a continuing problem, though it seems to have found buyers around $4.

Now, if someone had told me when I started this blog that more than one-third of my readers would be outside the US, I would not have believed it.  19% of my readers are from Canada, 7% from the UK and 4% each from Uruguay and the Netherlands.  Hey, thanks for reading me; I hope what I write is relevant to you.  And thanks to the readers from China, Germany, France, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Spain, Italy, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Bermuda.  I may not be a global traveler, but my blog gets around.

Where  do my readers come from?  In order, Abnormal Returns, The Kirk Report, The Big Picture, Stumble Upon, The, FT Alphaville, Random Roger, and VIX and More.  Most of the rest find me through search engines (Google) or RSS.  Seeking Alpha (Aleph — Shalom) is another source, and really don’t know how big that is, as well as other syndicators.

For the last four months, I have been trying to obtain work or build an asset management business.  Though the latter has been cold, I have received several job prospects, and I should have an announcement soon on what I will be doing.  I have sometimes said that this blog is an option on a business.  That has proven true for me.

Other improvements have been the continuing series on personal finance and book reviews.  Both of those came as a result of reader feedback.

On the negative side, the job hunt has left me little time to contribute to RealMoney.  Most of my blogging is at night, and RM is during the day, when I am trying to work.  I’ll see how much I can contribute to RM in the future.  I owe them a debt of gratitude for inviting me to write for them.  It sharpened my investment writing skills more than I would have expected.

Also on the negative side, I know that I have to do blog repairs.

  • My left margins aren’t quite right.
  • My top banner should lead back to the home page.
  • I need to anti-alias my banner.
  • An error message comes up when comments are posted (the comments do post, though).
  • The same is true when I post articles.
  • My descriptive permalinks are gone.
  • And more…

Anyone with a good lead on PHP programming should e-mail me.  I suspect the changes should not be too great.  Otherwise, I will  slog on, and do it myself.

In closing I want to thank referrers, syndicators, readers, blogs who link here, and especially commenters (even if you don’t agree, but keep it civil.  I end with a question for my readers.  What do you all want from my blog?

  • More on equities
  • More book reviews
  • More macro commentary
  • More personal finance
  • Something else
  • Or, the same mix that you are currently getting

Let me know.  It is a pleasure to write for all of you.

Full Disclosure: Long NAHC