Future Blog Posts

Coming in the near term, I should have articles on the following:

  • The economics of Central Banking (can the Fed go broke?)
  • A critique of the Barron’s article on the Ratings Agencies
  • The Fundamentals of Market Bottoms (companion to this RealMoney article, The Fundamentals of Market Tops)
  • Predicting Consumer Price Inflation — What Works Best?  (Does anything work?)

That’s what is on the current schedule, together with other articles/events in the news flow.  I will be publishing through the so-called holiday season, so you may see some of this on Monday through Wednesday.

Also, in the near term, my left sidebar will include links and the Amazon widgets from my book reviews.

Thanks for reading me.  I really appreciate your patronage of my blog.

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  • AllanF says:

    Merry Christmas David and everyone! I appreciate you all.

    If I might be so bold as to suggest some grist for future blog entries, weighing in on the great deflation debate, from Mish on Peter Schiff would be very appreciated. Right or wrong, I think a lot of people of a fundamental macro bent are torn about what comes next. Or at least, I am. :-)

    Actually, I’m starting to get “over” deciding… keep a short-term time-frame and stay flexible as the data come in.