Current Industry Ranks

Just a short post this evening because I’m tired, and not feeling that well. Here is an Excel file containing my industry ranks for year end 2007:

Year End 2007 Industry Ranks

Remember, this can be used two ways. In the short run, the “hot industries,” the ones in the red zone, can be bought if one follows a fast turnover momentum-type strategy. For those of us with lower turnover value-type strategies, we buy industries in the green zone, but insist on quality, and attempt to analyze how transient the industry troubles are likely to be. Note that I’m not looking at all industries in the green zone — areas affected by the housing and finance sectors, for example.

One more brief note, since a couple of readers e-mailed me on this. It looks like the forced sellers of National Atlantic are done. Also, the compensation decisions for the three senior executives give them some compensation if a deal goes through. I’m not smiling on this one yet, and things could still go badly wrong. Use caution here.

Full disclosure: Long NAHC