If This Is Failure, I Like It

I thought I did worse this quarter, but I ended up trailing the S&P 500 by less than 50 basis points. That meant that I trailed the S&P 500 for the first year in eight by somewhat less than 1%. So goes the streak.

On the bright side, it happened in a period where growth was trouncing value, and large capitalization stocks were trouncing the small.  My investing style is value-oriented, and all-cap, so I will always be smaller than the S&P.  I did better than value indexes, and better than small caps.  Is this examination of factors an excuse?  I don’t know.  The wind was at my back for the last seven years, and it is in my face now.  What I do know is that I’ve had my share of bad decisions, and I will try to rectify them in 2008.  The next reshaping is coming up soon, and I am gathering my tickers and industries.

But winning big and failing small should be good for anyone. With that, I wish you a Happy New Year.  Let’s make some serious money in 2008, DV.