Getting an Initial Read on a Deal

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David Merkel
What Would Make More Sense to Me, Redux
2/1/2008 10:14 AM EST

Nine months ago, I wrote this: Microsoft and Yahoo! are in several different businesses with modest synergies between them. Buried inside such a merger would be (at least):

  • An Internet advertising company
  • A web/(other media) content producing company
  • An operating system/applications software company
  • A consumer entertainment products company
  • A web search company, and
  • A web marketing company.
  • Going back to our discussion of GE earlier this week, Microsoft does not need more businesses in its portfolio. It needs to focus its activities on what it does best. Same for Yahoo! but their problems are less severe unless they do this merger.

    If I were Microsoft, I would accept defeat, and sell all web properties to Yahoo! If I were Yahoo!, I would spin off all content production in a new company to shareholders. You would end up with three focused companies that would be able to hit their markets with precision, in a business where scale matters inside your market, but not across markets. The ending configuration would be:

  • A software company for everything except the web — Microsoft, which would pay another huge special dividend with the proceeds from the sale.
  • A web search, advertising and marketing company — Yahoo!, which could focus on competing with Google, and
  • A web/(other media) content production company (would it make money?)
  • This to me would be rational, but corporate cash gets spent by self-aggrandizing folks with egos, so this is not likely to happen in the short run. But I think the eventual economic outcome will resemble something like this.

    Microsoft has not shown a lot of competence in the areas that Yahoo! has focused on, and because of their long history of growth, I’m not sure they get how to run a company that is transisting into maturity. I would be bearish on the total concept.

    The market has awarded an additional $3.7 billion to the combined valuations on Microsoft and Yahoo! off of this news. After some time, that premium should reverse, and it will come out of the valuation of Microsoft. But then, I only play in tech when it is trashed, so what do I know?

    Position: none


    By the end of the day, that initial valuation premium of $3.7 billion turned into a deficit of $1.2 billion, and that was against a rising market. I’m not that kind of trader, but some deals make sense, and some don’t. When you find one that doesn’t make sense, and the market value of the package rises, one can short both the acquirer and the target, and wait for rationality to arrive.

    That’s not to say that all deals are bad. Value can be added through synergies or improved management, or unlocked through expense savings and more leverage. Microsoft-Yahoo is unlikely to fit any of those descriptions in any major way.