Monthly Archives: March 2008

Ten Notes on Our Quasi-Government and the Financial System

Personal notes before I get started: I’ve been busy studying for the Series 7 (and also reviewing the compliance manual for my new firm — wow it is big). The two of them fit together, as I get to see how the regulations get applied. I’ve made through the study guide (what do you do […]

Book Reviews — The Alchemy of Finance, and Soros on Soros

One trap you can fall into in life is to not learn from those that you disagree with, for one reason or another. George Soros would be an example of that. His politics are very different from mine, as well as his religious views. He’s a far more aggressive investor than I am as well. […]

Blog Troubles

Hello.  Sorry to anyone who is not able to read old posts in my blog.  Only the front page is working at present.  For those that have been following the small changes that I have been making, you might note that I have made some changes to my permanent pages to reflect my new employer.  […]

“Should I be worried about the economy?”

Most of my friends don’t follow the economy or the markets that closely, so it has been interesting for a number of them to ask me recently, “Should I be worried about the economy?”  The answer isn’t a simple one. Part of the answer depends on your line of work.  Stuff that’s economically necessary (utilities, […]

Mark-to-Market Accounting Is not the Major Problem

I’m not a fan of mark-to-market accounting, partially due to the loss of comparability across firms. It introduces a level of flexibility that can be gamed by the unscrupulous. That said, any accounting method can be gamed. Accounting attempts to assign the value of economic activity at and across points in time. Now, with financial […]