The US Dollar and the Five Stages of Grieving, Revisited

I recently received an e-mail from a reader regarding the post, The Problem with Hoarding, or, Don’t Play a Game with Someone Who Can Change the Rules. Here it is:

Why pick the year 2020 for a max? I like the previous post about the US Dollar and the 5 stages of grieving

That previous post was the one that first got me hooked on Aleph. Google found it for me when I was searching for some answers on what the heck was going on in the world.

Let me clarify. By 2020, I don’t think the US Dollar will be the world’s reserve currency. It may happen sooner than that. As for the five stages of grieving, that applies to the intermediate-term, and maybe the short-term. It certainly sounds like the G-7 is entering the stage of bargaining. If they decide to do a currency intervention, I hope they remember The Four Rules of Currency Intervention. It would save them money, whatever money is nowadays.

We are getting close to an inflection point here.  The pips are beginning to squeak.  Be ready for an intervention; and be prepared for it not to work, unless they follow the four rules.