Post 700

It’s that time again. As WordPress counts, this is post 700 on my blog, though the actual number is more like 80% of that. I take this time to write a post about the blog itself, rather than the things I ordinarily write about.

My blog is a tough one in some ways. I admire many narrowly focused blogs, because they do such a good job at their narrow tasks. Many of them are in my blogroll. I read my blogroll daily; that’s what is in my RSS reader.

But I care about a wide range of topics in economics, finance and investments. Anytime I focus on one narrow area for a time, I get negative e-mail saying that I’m not writing about what he wants to read. Well, I’m sorry. My interests are broad, and you will get a melange when you read me. I felt the same way at RealMoney, because I was one of the few writers that you could not predict what area I would write about next.

The markets have calmed down, and my equity portfolio has done well, but I do not think we are past the troubles yet:

  • We still have an oversupply of houses.
  • Investment banks are still overlevered in their swap books.
  • Commercial property prices are beginning to fall, and that will have negative effects on the equityholders, and those who finance them.

As for my business life, I am busy preparing to pitch my equity management methods to institutional investors. I have been on the other side of the table in my life. Hopefully that will help me meet their needs.

In closing, I want to thank Abnormal Returns, The Big Picture (thanks, Barry), Alea (thanks, jck), FT Alphaville, The Kirk Report, Seeking Alpha, and Newsflashr for their support. I also want to thank the many small blogs that like me and have me on their blogroll. That means something to me; I thank you for your support. I also thank the TSCM/RealMoney fraternity for their support. TSCM has done the world a service by training young financial journalists, and bringing talented investors into writing for the public.

I have a list of thing to write about next, and it is long. If you have opinions about what you want me to cover e-mail me here. I am horrendously behind on my mail, but I read everything that gets written to me.

Again, many thanks for reading me. I appreciate all who take their valuable time to read my blog.