Blog Notes

The following is going to sound a little sloppy, so please take it in stride. When I started this blog, I allowed a large number of entities to syndicate my content. I was a neophyte, so I did not keep a list. As of this post, no one, except Seeking Alpha and my employer, is allowed to republish my posts, whether taken via RSS or through a direct scrape of my blog.

Of course, fair use is permitted. Quote me if you like, but add value to my material through your commentary. I try to make my posts over 90% mine, perhaps you should as well. Linking is encouraged. I do that for a lot of sites, particularly those on my blogroll.

If you have registered at my site but never commented, and you are a legitimate reader of my site, e-mail me. I am going to delete a number of registrees who are simply likely spammers. They get caught by Akismet, but I want to tighten things up a bit.

Also, I try to be fair to readers, but any comment at my site can be deleted by me for any reason. I have not done this once yet, except for spam. I have edited a comment or two, but that’s all. Still, I reserve the right.

Finally, thanks for reading me. Your time is valuable, and there are many good blogs out there. Thanks also to those that link to me, and have me on their blogrolls.