I am NOT Your Public Relations Outlet

Hi.  I’m back home, and happy, before a one-day turnaround where I leave again.  We were able to get the business of the church done one day ahead of schedule.  While at the meeting, I had no internet… there is something odd about my laptop that blocked them from connecting me, and, they messed up my laptop in trying to connect me, so that I can’t use my dedicated line.  Kinda sad.

One quick rant because when you get a boatload of e-mail at once, things get clearer.  I think someone has created a mailing list for economics/finance bloggers, because I have a number of semi-interesting press releases in my e-mail.  They would be interesting, but there are over a dozen of them, and none of them really fit my profile, aside from a professor asking me to review an academic finance article. (Me?! I’m on the hinterlands of the profession.)  I appreciate truly personal mail, but the faux personal mail, which is really PR, does not get me to move.

One other note: while I was away, since I did not have internet, during free time, I went through my files to cull through research that I downloaded to be read.  By the time I was done, I went through about 200 articles, and added 20 or so to my research files.  I could do a post on what I think is valuable in academic/professional finance research — I’m not sure how much my readers would value it.  That said, going through the research sharpened my views on what I think is valuable in academic research… so, at least I gained something from it.

I should be able to post more tomorrow, beyond that, I have no idea what kind of connectivity I might have.