Asking for Help

This post is a little different, so bear with me for a moment.  I’m in the midst of taking my value investing and turning into a product that will enable me (and the firm I work for) to manage separate accounts. I figure a few of my readers may manage firms that manage separate accounts.  If you do that, I’m just looking for pointers, particularly regarding difficulties to avoid in starting up such an operation.  E-mail me at the address listed on this page if you think that you can help.  Thanks.

Oh, one more thing.  Today was my best relative performance day in a long time.  I’m back in the plus column (barely) year-to-date, and ahead of the S&P 500 for the month, after having been behind by more than 5% earlier this month.  What a manic, nutty month!  And now, watch it all shift because of Cemex’s earnings miss.  Can’t win them all.

Full disclosure: long CX