My Interview on BizRadio

On Wednesday afternoon I was interviewed on BizRadio’s The MoneyMan Report regarding my recent piece: The Fundamentals of Residential Real Estate Market Bottoms.  (Boy, did that get a lot of play all over the web.)

You can listen to the interviews here (at my site):

Or here (at their site):

The two segments together are about 15 minutes in length.

I enjoyed the interview, though it would have helped if I had done a little more homework into the prevailing philosophy of the show, and if I had been more clear about how to introduce me.  I sent them my bio, but they must not have looked too As it is, they never mentioned my employer (bad — I want them to be better known).  Nor did they mention my blog, so if someone wants to read the piece, they don’t know where to find it.

So, I get heard across Texas, and wherever else they syndicate their programming.  It’s interesting talking with people who are looking to make money, and had to say to them, “Not yet, not yet.”  But, I tried, and I did better than I expected.  I would be willing to do other radio shows as the opportunity arises.