2300 Smackers

We’re talking stimulus, right?  And we trust the American People, right?  Why not just send each American household $2,300 for each man, woman, and child there?  Let them decide how the $700 billion stimulus should be used.  What, you say, it should diminsh debt?  But our dear government is doing nothing of the kind.  They are borrowing massively from China and OPEC.

What’s that, you say?  That doesn’t help the banks?  Well, why help the banks unless it helps the people?  So why not help the people directly, and maybe it will help the banks.  You believe in the free market, which means individual choice, right?

Sigh.  Our government believes nothing like this.  They intervene to protect their patrons, the financial institutions, while dissing the taxpayers, and that is how it goes.