My Time on the Ron Smith Show

This is not a political blog. (Repeat?!)  Ugh.  I’m tired.  Between my work today for a potential new client that will really kick off my business, and appearing on the Ron Smith show, I am bushed.

I found the time in the WBAL studios interesting.  I get how radio works now, for a successful show like Ron Smith’s.  We had a lot of fun conversations during the breaks, and I went home with some reading assignments, of things I have not read, but Ron thinks are important.  As I said before, he is a bright guy.

I was happy to spend an extra hour with Ron.  They cancelled their planned 5-6PM hour in order to talk more about the current economic troubles.  I was happy to do so.  I may have sounded more doom-and-gloom than I normally do, but it reflects the current conditions, which are tough.  I tried to describe the difficulties that the short-term lending markets are in, but our economy and society is complex.  It is difficult to explain in soundbites, and Ron gave me more time than most radio hosts would.

I made it through the two hours without any major flubs, though I do know I was asked to define M1, M2 and M3, but I forget; I think I got interrupted, so I never defined all of them.

One thing about live radio and TV, it goes fast, and it is stream-of-consciousness.  You can’t catch up on past thing that were inadequately handled.  You can only hit what the present caller is talking about.  As a generalist, perhaps I did well, because none of the callers gave me a hard time.  Ron, of course, was a gentleman, and was a big help to a neophyte trying to do his best.

I look forward to the next time I am on Baltimore’s most popular radio show.  I did much better than I expected. 😀