Two Years at the Aleph Blog. Time for a Change.

What a year.  If the first year of this blog wasn’t exciting enough, year two was enough to make your heart flutter.  What have we seen in year two?

  • The demise of Bear, Lehman, AIG, Fannie, Freddie, and more.
  • The near-demise of Citi, Bank of America, and many other financials.
  • The US government floundering as it gropes for solutions.
  • The Federal Reserve tries all manner of novel schemes to support leverage, as they move into a ZIRP with Japan, and the rest of the world trailing.  Quantitative easing remains, if they have enough money to buy helicopter fuel.
  • The collapse of the international division of labor as exports dry up globally.
  • The grand round trip for commodities as the world could not maintain the frantic pace of growth that had been fueled by leverage and neomercantilism.
  • The start of trade wars, as nations look to protect their home markets.
  • The loss of faith in currencies, as gold continues to rise.
  • Risk assets get shellacked, whether public or private.
  • Pension plans, endowments, and other institutions suffer.  Governments realize that they were reliant on the overleveraged markets as well.
  • Residential real estate continues to fall in value, dragging mortgages and banks down with it.
  • Commercial real estate begins its long soft era.
  • My portfolio has beaten the broad market indexes for another year, though not as convincingly as in the past.

Those who have read me a long time know that my interests in investing are broad.  Being an economist, as well as a quantitative and qualitative investment analyst gives me more tools to work with.

But where am I going from here?  I am slowing down.  For two years, I have tried to keep up a  pace of two posts a day, six days a week.  Well, it has turned out to be more like nine posts per week, 75% of my goal.  As when I wrote for RealMoney, my own standards hindered my goal.  (At RealMoney, I wrote few articles near the end, because I did not feel that I had more to write that justified an article.)

I could put out a lot more posts, and quote other sources more broadly.  I would rather just link to them so that they get credit for their material, and then write more.  After all, if I am writing, I ought to put forth my opinion, not just quote someone else.

But blogging has crimped my ability to serve my firm, my family, and my church.  Much as I enjoy the interaction in the blogosphere, I am going to slow down my posting rate at The Aleph Blog.  My apologies to any who are saddened by this, but I hope to keep the quality of my posts high.  My posting rate is targeted at three times per week.

This is post #886 at The Aleph Blog.  Post #900 will have something more on this topic, together with ways that we can work together more profitably.

I close with thanks.  I am big on gratitude.  Thanks to those who read me; your time is valuable.  Thanks to those who comment; you sharpen me.  Thanks to those who link to me; I don’t deserve it.  Thanks to those I link to; you are doing great work (or lousy work, as the case may be).  To my family and church, thank you. Finally, thanks be to Jesus Christ. Woo-hoo! What a great year!  :D