Post 950

When I began this blog, I would do a post every 100 posts that pertained to the blog itself, my readers and me.  I did not do a “Post 900” for a number of reasons.  This post is meant to make up for it.  For those that echo my blog, like Seeking Alpha, I ask that you republish this, because I need it this time.

I love writing, but that is not what I do best.  My best talents are managing equity assets.  I have a pitch book that explains my methods, and how I have beaten the S&P 500 since September of 2000.  My problem is this: if you don’t have an institutional investor, institutional investors won’t invest with you.  So, if you have influence over an institutional investor, ask them whether they would be willing to consider me, and I will send them my pitchbook, updated to the end of April 2009.

Again, thanks to all my readers.  Your time is limited, so appreciate that you consider me.  If I gain an institutional investor, oddly, that will free me to write more.

Here is my e-mail address.