Praise for Peter Bernstein

I have learned a lot from the late Peter Bernstein. I remember a piece of his entitled (something like), “What is Liquidity?” where he described liquidity as the ability to change your mind or request a do-over. Bright guy, and one who focused on the big issues, not minutiae.

I met Peter Bernstein in 2002 when he delivered a timely talk to the Baltimore Security Analysts Society called (something like), “The Continuing Relevance of Dividends.” I asked a question during the Q&A, and then was able to talk with him for ten minutes afterward, because few wanted to embrace such a boring topic. He was very gracious to me, and encouraged me in my research pursuits.

There were many who offered their praises of Peter Bernstein and I offer the links here:

As for his books, I offer the links here:

There may be more than this, but it was what I was able to find.  Peter Bernstein aimed for large targets, and gave broad and convincing evidence of how markets worked.  He only erred in letting Modern Portfolio Theory and Keynesianism affect him.

With that, I hail Peter Bernstein, regretting his demise.  He will be missed, as few of us had such global vision of markets as he had.

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