Monthly Archives: July 2009

Book Review: Mr. Market Miscalculates

Since the first time I read him, I have been a fan of James Grant.  He helped to sharpen my focus on how money and credit work in the long run, and how they affect the economy as a whole.  Reading one of his early books, Minding Mr. Market: Ten Years on Wall Street With […]

Seven Notes on the Current Market Mess

1)  Avoid short-cycle data.  When writing at RealMoney, I encouraged people to ignore short-term media, and trust those that gave long-term advice.  After all, it is better to learn how to invest rather than get a few hot stock picks. In general, I read writers in proportion to their long-term perspective.  I don’t have a […]

Industry Ranks

I’m working on my quarterly reshaping — where I choose new companies to enter my portfolio.  The first part of this is industry analysis. My main industry model is illustrated in the graphic.  Green industries are cold.  Red industries are hot.  If you like to play momentum, look at the red zone, and ask the […]