What is Going Right?

What Stories Aren’t Being Told? was my most commented piece since the inception of this blog, and I thank readers.  But Dr. Jeff pointed out in the comments, the tone was on of extreme negativity.  What?  Is there nothing going right that is under-reported?  Here are a few ideas from me:

  • Credit spreads are below average in general.
  • Energy prices have moderated, particularly for those who buy natural gas at spot rates.
  • There is still very good foreign demand for Treasury auctions.  Oh, Treasury yields are low.
  • On the low/middle end of housing, where there are conforming mortgages, the market has come into equilibrium, where bargains are balancing out more foreclosures in the future.  This may not apply in the really hot markets of 2005.
  • Dividend decreases seem to have stopped.
  • Corporate balance sheets seem to be more able to handle additional pressure.
  • The insurance industry seems to be in very good shape, aside from that faker, AIG.

Okay, the same as last time, I offer this to my readers in the comments section — what is going right now, particularly in what is not being reported.  It can be small or large issues.  Let me know.  Last last piece got a lot of play, even the comments, so let me know what you think.