My Visit to the US Treasury, Part 1

This will have to be brief, because I am tired.  I have had to deal with family and work issues today, and only now have time to blog.

You might have seen my fanciful post, Fallowhaven, Part 1.  I wrote that because I thought I could reveal almost nothing of my visit to the US Treasury today.  As it is, I can talk about it, but not quote any officials there, nor say who was there from the Treasury.

My surprise was that only bloggers were there.  I expected reporters from major papers, but that was not the target audience.  The closest to mainstream media would have been Megan McArdle, who presumably said she would be there (there was a placard for her), but did not show.  The rest of us were independents:

As I write now, only John Jansen has commented on the meeting, and only briefly.  I have a lot to say about the meeting, but I can’t get it into one post.  I will spread it out over several posts, and try to explain the  views of the Treasury, are where they make sense, or not.

I appreciated being able to meet my fellow bloggers.  Putting faces to the names is special.  Would that I could bring all of the major investment/finance/economics bloggers together for a gathering.  There would be many disagreements, but it would sharpen us all.

More tomorrow —  I want to talk about the successes and failures of the current rescue, and how the Treasury views them.