Where Can I Learn the Investment Math? The Bond Math?

I was recently asked where to look for how to understand quantitative investing, fixed income, etc.  Let me try to explain.

I have reviewed in the past Investing by the Numbers (Frank J. Fabozzi Series).  This is a good book that covers a wide number of areas in quantitative investing without getting too technical.  I learned a lot from it, and I don’t think the lessons there are out of date.

As for Fixed Income, the main book is Handbook of Fixed Income Securities 7th Edition, edited by Frank Fabozzi.  Fabozzi gets practical experts to write for him and he edits the book so that it reads well.  The result is a readable book that gives all of the qualitative information about the market, but does not deliver the math.  That’s a good thing.  Most people don’t want the math.

But… what if you are a misfit like me who does want the math.  Where do you go? Buy the Theory of Interest.  And, don’t buy it new.  Buy it used, or get it through interlibrary loan.  Same for Fabozzi’s book.  Don’t overpay.  And, if you can understand it well, maybe you would like to become an actuary.  The actuarial profession has done many good things for me; maybe it will do so for you also.

I have learned a lot from all three of these books.  You can too.