Balking in a Winter Blunderland

The place that got the most snow during the recent storm was Howard County, Maryland.  Elkridge had 38″, Columbia 34″, and at Aleph Blog Global HQ we got a measly 30″.  Here are some photos:

looking out the front of the house

back deck from the inside…

and the back deck from the outside…

looking up the street…

icicles hanging from our house — eight feet long

some of my kids starting to shovel before the storm is over… and…

360 degrees after two feet

That should be an AVI file.  There were six inches to go after that.

Well, we have been busy bees, and we may be getting busier.  There is another storm coming.  Another 10-20 inches.  Wow.

Economic commentary on this?  It’s good to have boys — we have been helping out people where we can.  Neighborhood relationships have tightened as people have made efforts to help the elderly and infirm.

Maryland can’t afford storms like these — major roads are only half to 2/3rds plowed.  This may generate a political crisis here, but I am only surmising.  Even well-off Howard County can’t keep up.

All for now, gotta buy some more snow shovels and salt, if I can find them.