Could We Create a Really, Really Good Bond Blog?

Across the Curve is gone.

Accrued Interest is gone.

I’m still here, but bonds aren’t my sole focus.  Long time readers know that I have a wide variety of interests in investing.  I sometimes think my following is smaller, because not everything I write appeals to my audience.  It is hard to predict what I will write about.

Are there other good bond blogs?  I haven’t seen any, but maybe my perspective is limited.

This post is a call to all who think they have something to say about the fixed income markets — do you want to try to create the definitive fixed income blog?  I would be willing to host and moderate it, but I would need bright, aggressive minds to write and explain to readers what is going on in fixed income.


The bond market is bigger than the stock market, and those that invest there are brighter in one sense — they have to make decisions over small differences yields, versus the safety of those yields.  They are dumber in another sense, because the rewards of managing equities are larger than that of bonds except at the largest managers.

So, I put out the call to those that want to write about the bond market.  Do you want to create one great blog?  Let me know, and maybe we can make a difference for those that need to learn about fixed income.  Remember, this is about giving something back.  We are paid well enough, but can we create something  useful for the broader investing public?

I have no idea as to whether this could work or not, but I welcome your thoughts.