Three Years at The Aleph Blog!

Three years at The Aleph Blog?  Has it been that long?  Yes, the Shanghai crisis is that far in the past, which foreshadowed our current troubles, though I denied it at the time at my new blog.

Why do I write here?  Is it for fame?  There isn’t much of that.  Money?  Sorry no, I make less than $3000/year off the blog; that does not justify my time.  My employer is pushing me?  Oh please, they would be happier if I did not blog, I think… eh, they like the notoriety, but would not want to pay for it.  Power?  What power?

Look, I write what I write because I believe it.  No other reason.  I write because I have had a strong impulse since the ’90s to find a way to give back to those who have/know less.  Everyone should do pro bono work in society.  It holds society together.

In general, I try to take a positive view of other bloggers, but I have no permanent favorites, though I have friends.  Politicians and regulators, not so.  They are almost all replaceable.  Our society needs change, and change will not happen without replacing the elites that govern us.  Vote out incumbents, and support third parties.  We need real change in America, not just the difference between the evil party (Democrats) and the stupid party (Republicans).

I write this partly from private criticism from other bloggers, who accuse me of writing for less than honorable motives.  Ugh, to quote that great moral philosopher Popeye, “I yam what I yam.”  There is nothing behind me.  I am not involved in politics in any deep way.  My blog does not make much money.  I write what I write for the sake of expressing my opinion.  That’s what I do.  I would rather that I lived in a less contentious era where I could spend more time on portfolio management issues.

So, what do I say after three years?  Thanks to my commenters, and thanks to my readers.  You are who I write for, and I thank you.  You have many things that you can do in life, but you deign to read me, and write about me.  Thanks ever so much; I do not deserve you.

To all of my readers: may the fourth year be the best of all!


PS — my apologies on e-mail; I get so much of it that I can’t get to it.  I want to reply, but am swamped.  Apologies.