Changes for David

I delayed writing about this for a few days to give Finacorp time to take care of a few items.  Here is what Finacorp distributed to clients last week:

[deleted] — for legal reasons, I have had to take that down.  Let’s just say that I am without employment at present.


I have nothing but gratitude for Finacorp over the past 2.5 years.  After leaving my prior employer, I needed something flexible that would enable me to work from home.  Finacorp provided that, but as it is now, I no longer need to work from home.  I’m ready for new challenges, and though I don’t want to move from Maryland, I look at the situation as one that offers more upside than downside versus the past.

So what am I thinking about to employ myself?

  • Equity management?  I’m still doing well against the markets, and am trying to figure how I could make a business out of this.  My track record is approaching 10 years with my own money, and I continue to do well.  If you have ideas for me here, I am open.  I can share an auditable track record with anyone that makes a credible proposal to me.  I will be talking with a number of parties that have expressed interest in the past.
  • Working for an investment firm in the area?  Could be a good idea, I’ll be talking to friends and contacts.
  • Go back to being an actuary?  Mmm… not that many opportunities around here for that, but if anyone has ideas, I will listen.
  • Consulting?  I already have one good consulting project.  If I could get enough clients, that could be workable.  Potentially, I could consult for buy or sell-side firms in investing.  I could also do that on the insurance side.  As it is, in most of my jobs, I acted as an internal consultant to the firm when weird projects would come up.  I love big, broad, unstructured problems.  Consulting could also go along with…
  • Writing?  I have a few book ideas, but that doesn’t pay.  I would be willing to consider “corporate blogger” type positions, but I have no idea whether any companies would want to consider me for that.
  • Publish a newsletter around my investing models?  I really don’t like this idea; I think most newsletters aren’t worth buying, and I am not sure I would want to be associated with doing writing one.
  • Work for the government?  Oddly, I have applied for an “Asset Management Specialist” position at the SEC, and have been talking with contacts that I have within the government about a variety of possibilities.  I’ve written enough about economic and finance reform — it may be time to move from theory to practice.
  • Other ideas?  You want me to work for you from a distance?  I will listen to proposals.

For the next month or so I am going to be batting around ideas.  After that, I will try to focus on the most promising ideas.  I welcome your support at this time of transition.  Feel free to e-mail me.

Again, thanks for reading.  My readers make my blog better.