On Long Blog Comments

I appreciate those who comment at my blog, even those who run on and on.  I will go further: you have a talent, and why waste it at my blog?

You have ideas and energy.  Build your brand.  Why waste your wisdom on the paltry few that read blog comments?  Start your own blog.  Write positively, proclaiming your own ideas.  Send me a link, so that I can read it.  If I like it, I will promote it, as I have done with many other blogs in the past.  Or, link to a post of mine, whether positively or negatively, and I will see it — my googlebots will send me a note.

I do not write this with respect to any single writer of comments at my blog.  Indeed I have had many that have written a lot there, and I thank them for it.  Thanks for your interest in me.

But you could do better.  I try to write six decent articles per week, and it is an effort.  It is always more difficult to put forth content positively than to respond to it.  I challenge you — start your own blog.  I will support you in it, if you write good stuff,  and you send me a link to review.

That’s all.  Phrased another way, if you are willing to write blog-length posts at my blog, you should be writing your own blog, and telling your readers what a dope/hero I am.