The Road Ahead

I get e-mails from those that want to invest with me, and those that want to work for me.  My, but I am humbled.  I never thought that this blog might produce a business; I only started it to give back to the general public.

But as I get more of a response, I begin to think, “Okay, what if I succeed? What would I do?”

Here is my short outline: At AUM of $10 million, I am viable.

At AUM of $20 million, I would do the following:

  • Hire an assistant
  • Get a Bloomberg terminal.
  • Hire a permanent legal counsel.
  • Plan on starting a bond fund.
  • Engage those that invest in emerging managers.
  • Pay to get a failed mutual fund to hand the fund management contract over to me.  After that, my investors could have tax benefits for a time, and I would reduce fees to reasonable levels.

At AUM of $50 million, I would do the following:

  • Hire someone who could replace me if I died.  There are a number of people offering this to me now, and they aren’t low-quality.  But I am not there yet; I look forward to getting there.
  • Get office space near where I live.
  • Consider inviting “dirty money” to invest with me from the wirehouses.
  • Submit my performance to databases.

Beyond that, I am not sure… if I get that far, there may be other opportunities that I have no concept of now.  I know that I will outsource more the larger that I get.  That said, I think that I may have the acumen to take advantage of the situation.