Book Review: The Little Book of Sideways Markets

I appreciate the cleverness and rigor that Vitaliy Katsenelson brings to value investing.  Value investing needs its popularizers, and Katzeneson does a very good job in explaining how good investing is a search after quality, growth, and value.

I don’t view value investing quite the same way… my views of value investing are a hybrid of the continuing concern view of Katzenelson and Dreman, and the resource conversion view of Marty Whitman.  Both views are correct, but depend on the market situation to make either one work.

I like the author’s views a lot.  I get to the same place he does, but I don’t follow the exact same procedures.  If you need more data, refer to his prior book, and read it in detail, because it is more comprehensive.


The book is a small improvement over his last book Active Value Investing, with some of his blog essays tossed in.

Who would benefit from this book:

Almost any investor would benefit from this book, aside from those that have read his prior work, Active Value Investing.  That was one of the first books I reviewed here, and it is still a good one.

If you want to, you can buy it here: The Little Book of Sideways Markets.

Full disclosure: This book was sent to me, because I asked for it, after Vitaliy offered it to me.

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