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Regarding David Sokol, Redux

I am republishing what I added to yesterday’s post, and adding onto it, because many readers would have missed it. -==-=-=-=-=-=-=–==–==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In the cold light of morning, I have thought of one more issue… why is Buffett so loosey-goosey with things that ought to be mandatory disclosures for avoiding potential conflicts of interest? Every firm […]

Limits: Models, Governments, and Central Banks

Imagine for a moment that the US Government decided to end all taxation in order to “stimulate” the economy. “Wait,” you might say, “The deficit is bad enough today, how can we let it get any worse?”  A US Treasury Department spokesman says, “Don’t worry.  As the  government, our commercial paper financing captive subsidiary [the […]

Things are not as good as they look

Before I start this evening, anyone who can point me to people with little or no emotions, or Asperger’s disease, who are good investors, could you send me  a link?  I am not looking for Michael Burry stories.  I am looking for articles that are more general. -=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I was chairing a pension board meeting […]

Book Review: Financial Jiu-Jitsu

The genre of personal finance books is crowded.  I have read my share of good and bad books in this area, and the book that I am reviewing this evening falls in the good column. It covers all of the main areas of personal finance adequately, and makes analogies from the world of martial arts.  […]

Three Years from Now

With my portfolio management rules, one implicit idea is that I am not managing for the near future.  The near future is a crowded trade.  How is it crowded? High frequency traders schnitzel away at the bid-ask. Day traders and swing-traders play with chart patterns, and generally follow the trend, perhaps to some advantage on […]