Four Years at the Aleph Blog!

My but the time passes rapidly.  When I was invited to write at RealMoney, because of compliance issues, it was several months before I wrote there.  And i wrote there for about four years, never thinking that I might write anywhere else.

But I had a guilty pleasure of very occasionally trolling Cramer’s blog comments, and occasionally commenting myself.  A few commenters encouraged me to start my own unvarnished commentary, and so I began what would become this blog.

Once I started blogging, the advantages of independence were apparent.  Lack of relevancy, editor, necessary business purpose could go out the window.  Though I think I was liked as a columnist for RealMoney, I don’t think that most of the stuff that I have blogged would have made it there.

The Aleph Blog is an expression of the character of David Merkel, no more, no less.

I get a lot of requests for offering guest content, but I turn them all down.  Maybe other bloggers do well with that, but I don’t.  My blog is an expression of me.  And that is why I blog — to give something back to the general public and media who do not get most things financial.

Don’t get me wrong, if someone asks me to come and speak, generally I will, and presently, at my own expense.  I will be in Chicago in 10 days, and in NYC in April.   (Note: if you would like to meet with me, let me know.)

Two notes:  Abnormal Returns has had me on video two times.  Here’s the first time:  And here is the second time.  Though I am not always rapid in my responses, I give very active responses to Tadas.