Book Review: Enchantment

How do you get people to like you?  Love you?  Be insanely passionate over you, and what you do, sell, etc?

If the book “Enchantment” is correct, it means you have to become the person that inspires people in what ever you are pursuing.  It means that you have to be:

  • Likeable
  • Trustworthy
  • Prepared
  • A risk-taker who produces
  • A salesman (in a good sense — you are out to persuade in a good cause.)
  • Persistent, and make persuasion stick.

But that must extend to customers, employees, and all influencers.  If you are not your own boss, you must manage up and learn to influence the boss as well.

Beyond that, learn to use both push and pull technologies to make people want to know what you are about.

Finally, as with all marketing texts, the reader becomes educated on techniques.  It helps to inoculate you against others who try to use such techniques on you, particularly those that have nothing to offer.

I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others.  Guy has a gift for making the complex simple.


I may come off as a prude in saying this, but there is never a  good time to use crude language.  It is a substitution of negative emotion in place of thought.  I have never yet found a situation where one could not use clean words to express the same idea that profanity aims for.  Also, workplaces where profanity is common among leaders spawn it among followers.  Everyone is worse off, and your company will come of as rude or lower-class.

Who would benefit from this book:

Many would benefit from this book.  It has a lot of good ideas that would aid your marketing.

If you want to, you can buy it here: Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.

Full disclosure: I asked the author for the book and he sent it to me, apologizing for the delay.  Guy, thanks for sending it, delay or not.

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