Occupy Your Time Productively

I don’t have much sympathy for the protests called “Occupy Wall Street,” and those modeled after it.  Real societal change comes through the political process, and I would challenge those “protesting” to form a new political party, and articulate a distinctive set of views, so that average Americans could understand what they stand for.

At present, the lack of coherence is a plus, and everyone gives a positive spin on a movement that has no clear direction, but just likes to complain, because they are upset over their own economic prospects.

What I am trying to point out is that the protests have few elements in common aside from complaining.  Away from that, there is a dedicated group of pundits telling the “Occupy” crowd what they should be complaining about.  Re-explaining,
“We have our lives together, and you don’t.  We know there are problems, but you are losers that don’t have your lives together.  You can complain.  You have nothing better to do.  We have better things to do, but we know what is wrong.”  The pundits will have no impact on the “Occupy”crowd.  I will not tell “Occupy” what to do.  They would not listen, and they would not get it if I told them; they aren’t that smart.

My view is that most lasting change comes from within, slowly, and with a lot of hard work.  Complaining takes little work.  But suppose you don’t like the school system, and you can’t afford private schooling.  Home schooling is a lot of work, but it works a lot better, most of the time, than public or private schooling, because you can’t beat tutoring.  One-on-one is the best method of teaching, though it is costly from a resource perspective.  But at present, 2-3% of all children in the US are home schooled.  That’s a real change, with a lot of work behind it.

You want to change things?  Start a political party, and challenge races in the assemblies of states, and in the House and Senate.  Forget the Presidency, no one wins that unless lower offices have been filled by your party.

You want to change things?  Ignore politics and teach illiterate adults to read.  Bring along a Bible, because many of them would like to read that.

Or, set up a foundation to ransom people out of the debt-slavery that arises from abuse of credit cards.

Or. set up a business that can use many people who are presently unemployed can work, maybe asking for a waiver from minimum-wage laws so that you won’t lose too much money in the process.

My view is that positive beats negative.  Build society rather than complain.

To that end, I ask that all those reading me cease supporting the “Occupy” movement.  It is a waste; they do not have coherent goals.  If they begin to put forth a positive program, then consider supporting them.

But negative programs rarely deserve support.  After all, I give nothing to the Republicans. 😉