Wall Street All Stars

I have been contributing material to the website Wall Street All Stars.  Mostly I have contributed two things:

  1. They scrape my RSS feed.
  2. I post some of my best articles from the past, with commentary that brings it up to date.

You can find my contributions here.

I can give all my blog readers and twitter followers a free six month subscription to WallStreetAllStars.com. Simply go sign up on http://www.WallStreetAllStars.com/ and then shoot an email letting us know you subscribed to support@wallstreetallstars.com and we’ll rebate you the $49 monthly fee each and every month for the first six months — that’s worth almost $300.

Most of the writers at Wall Street All Stars are former contributors to RealMoney, and other properties affiliated with TheStreet.com.  I think it is a credible team, and might eventually rival TSCM, minus Cramer.

But my involvement will be limited to the public side of the site for the most part, because my clients deserve my best ideas.  I am not out to sell them.