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I’m going to try as an experiment publishing my tweets at my blog.  They highlight significant articles that I have read.  Let me know if you want me to do this regularly.  Alternatively, you can get my tweets via RSS or email, as I described here.

Anyway, here are the tweets:

China’s Top 10 Business Stories in 2011 Patrick Chovanec, professor in China gives his perspectives on a tough year $$


Job Creation Is Price for US Health Law Inflexible mandates on business tend to decrease jobs in the economy $$ #yup


Spain says deficit bigger than expected, hikes taxes Spain goes for austerity amid large budget deficits. Surprise! $$


Fear Recoupling in ’12, Not the End of the World Pesek on dangers from Asian economic 2nd-order effects in 2012 $$


Heterodox economics: Marginal revolutionaries The Economist on the effect economics bloggers have on the mainstream $$


Bonds Prove Best Financial Asset in 2011 Leave aside Shilling, Hoisington & a few others. Who called this? I didn’t.


Major Dubai companies ‘may need bail-outs’ It is usually not wise to lend money on projects that are grandiose. $$ #duh


Borrowing From ECB Jumps If banks wont lend 2 each other then CBs must lend 2 banks $$ #liquiditytrap


SSgA Files For Short-Term Junk Bond ETF A promising idea that will get overdone, leading to losses. Nonrated CP anyone?


The Germans have many conflicting goals $$ RT @calculatedrisk: Merkel: “Will do everything to strengthen the euro”


Maybe 2 cents in dividends? RT @BCAppelbaum: If you put $1 in the S&P 500 at the beginning of the year, you would end the year with… $1 $$


TED Spread on Watch for Breakout Short-term lending getting tight, banks don’t trust each other; CBs 2 the rescue? $$


A Margin for Error in Hedge-Fund Filings Might some hedge funds b mismarking their less liquid stocks? bonds? X? $$


BIS Describes the Exposure of Emerging Markets to Europe Credit slowing down from EZone 2 emerging markets, GDP slowing


Deepening Crisis Over Euro Pits Leader Against Leader Tale of how Angela Merkel undercut Berlusconi. Clever lady $$


Gloomy Picture for Banks in Europe’s Core EZone Govt’s & banks depend on each other; 2 drunks holding each other up


The Q Ratio and Market Valuation Good article going over the Q ratio, what it means, how to calculate & forecast $$


California Barred by Judge From Cutting Medi-Cal Rates Expect this pattern to repeat in a fight over priorities $$


Hospice Turns Months-to-Live Patient Into Addict Misdiagnosis of time to live can create addicted elderly folks $$


Contra: Republicans, Lost in Moderation Did the Republicans win more elections b4 or after conservatives took over?


Banks Continue to Stockpile Agency MBS Nice credit-risk free asset to pair against cheap funds from the Fed. $$


Tough Markets: Punishing Hedge Funds Since 2003 Hedge funds in aggregate r yield hogs & abhor volatility $$


End of Corn Ethanol? US ended a 30Yr subsidy 4 corn-based ethanol that cost $6B/yr & ended tariff Brazilian ethanol $$


China is a Closed Communist Economy, concludes research The Party is still in control & directs the use of resources $$


What Deleveraging? What is this deleveraging you continue to babble about . . . ? $$


ReformedBroker Downtown Josh Brown

Anytime I get nervous about the US economy, I just look over at how calm and stable China seems to be and I feel much better.

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The public sphere is different, where the ECB takes lower-quality collateral; that seems to be loosening things up a bit for now $$


European Bank Worry: Collateral In the private sphere, loans can only gotten by pledges of hi-quality collateral $$


The most stable, dividend paying sectors have the highest PEs, the most cyclical elements tand to have the lowest PEs now. $$ #fear #yield


S&P 500 PE 11.85, Industrials 12.37, Discretionary 13.71, Staples 14.59, Utilities 14.72, Telecom 16.84… do you see the pattern? $$


The S&P and Sector P/E Ratios Financials 9.68, Energy 10.26, Materials 11.37, Healthcare 11.46, Technology 11.67 $$


Forecasting Asset Price Booms The fool does at the end of the boom what the wise man does at the beginning $$


Spikes in Bank Stock Volatility Precede Economic Trouble, suggests research Volatility flows through banks 2 economy $$


Forecasting Oil Prices with Economic Data Real crude prices go up when global econ conditions r strong $$ surprise, not


Investment Advisers Likely To Bear Cost Of More Oversight Could put small advisers like me out of business $$


Lure of Chinese Tuition Squeezes Out Asian-Americans at California Schools State schools becoming more like private


India to Exceed Its Record Borrowing Target Too many governments r caught on a borrowing treadmill; can’t get off $$


China needs new policy course as capital tide turns China will likely have to reduce the reserve ratio at its banks $$


Phantom firms bleed millions from Medicare Looong article on how fraud bleeds a lotta $$ out of Medicare->shell comps

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