Post 1700

Every 100 posts, I breathe a deep breath and try to catch up on where we have been.  It’s not always easy for me; I write about so many different issues, and I shift in response to changes in the markets.

So, where have we been?

In the long run, I think willingness to cover a wide number of investing issues is an advantage my blog has, though if I were in the shoes of my readers, perhaps I would want more predictability.  Not all of my articles interest all of my readers.

And, sometimes I write stuff that angers others.  That’s not my intent.  That happens every now and then because I write about controversial topics that are currently disputed.  I don’t aim for this sort of thing.  I could write a blog that always focuses on the crisis — many blogs do that, good for them, but I want have a broader range of expression.  There is danger, but there is also opportunity.  Both need to be written about.

After all, what if things go right, even if it is not due to government policy, but in spite of it?  We need to be open-minded enough to accept and understand when something good is happening.

So, I try to write about a wide number of things that interest people who care about economics, finance, and investing.  I would rather be a teacher than a tout.  I do not enjoy articles that tout stocks.  I assume by now that my readership is that way as well.

In the next few months, a website for my business, Aleph Investments, LLC, should be operational.  I will let you know when it is up, but people wanting information about what I do in investing can simply e-mail me here.

Thanks to all who read me.  I appreciate that you take your time to read what I write.  I personally know that my writings are not all stellar, and so I thank for bearing with stuff that is drivel.  Drivel is not my goal, but if you want to write 5-7 times a week, you will write some drivel.

Constructive criticism is invited here, as well as advice on what areas you would like me to cover.  Let me know, and I will factor it in.  May the LORD bless us all in 2012.